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Best Dog Toys: Dog Pros Share Their Favorites


With so many dog toys on the market, how do you select the best? One way is to ask people who use them a lot and that is exactly what I did. I asked some of my dog pro friend’s for their top picks and this is what they had to say. Enjoy!

Carolyn Turner, Richmond Animal League, Richmond, VA

The Nylabone Dura Chew Bone is Chef and Jake’s favorite chew toy. They wear them down to little nubs which I throw away.

Nylabone Dura Chew Bone

Chef likes any kind of ball—tennis balls, a Good Cuz now missing the feet, a “best ball” or “indestructible ball” that he can’t have any more because he pushes it with his nose until a lot of skin is gone and his nose is bloody.

Jake sometimes plays with a marrow bone which has been lying around forever. He also likes a braided fleece that I made, but he doesn’t play with it for long at a time.

Mandy used to love any squeaky toys, but when the heathens came to live here, they started destroying them. Now she seems to have forgotten how to play with them, and she’ll destroy them, too.

Cristiana LaGiola, JoyfulDogTraining, Grapevine, TX

I have Ripper dogs, who destroy any and all stuffies immediately. But neither of them like hard toys, or chewing types of toys. My favorite toy for them is called the Pogo Plush, by Premier. It’s got a squeaker inside a flexible “cage,” and the whole thing is covered in fleece. It’s great, because the dogs can chomp on it, but there is no stuffing. And because the squeaker is loose inside the cage, the dogs never know where on the toy they have to bite to get the squeaker to squeak. So that’s fun for them; they will sit there and bite it all over until they find the squeaker.
Anna Farrelly, Gone to the Dogs, Norwalk, CT
I have two depending on the dogs size-
Kong Wobbler and the IQ Treat ball. Both interactive treat dispensing toys that clients and their canine friends love! I find them great for feeding your oh so clever dog! Gives their brain and their little or not so little bodies a work out too as they chase it around the kitchen!
Gwen Weisgarber – Paws to Train, Gonic, NH

Nylabone Rhino Rope Tug Toys – some dogs don’t like the heavy rubber ball at the end, but Ben loves to flagellate himself with this toy. Throws well and doesn’t roll much so it’s easy to control where it goes. Super, super durable. The simple JW squeaky ball – Ben loves this ball (notice it’s about Ben?) and it holds up well!

Melissa Fischer: Puppy Homeschool in Wappinger’s Falls, NY
This Pogo Plush Bunny is Petra’s ALL TIME FAVORITE. She LOVES it and has played with it every day for months now. She tears up other plush toys, but she hasn’t damaged this one at all and the squeaker still works. She rarely squeaks it, though. Sometimes she shakes it, but mostly she carries it around. When she “peregrinates” around the house while I’m preparing the dogs’ dinner, she always grabs the bunny and carries it with her.

Here Milo demonstrates how much fun the right toy is for a dog. Joy to the Toy!

Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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