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Best Puppy Teething Toys: Edible


Puppy Teething Toys ImageYour puppy will start to switch from needle-sharp puppy teeth to the adult models at around 16 weeks old and continue that process until around 7 months of age. During that time you either supply them with good puppy teething toys or they will “make do” with the TV remote, a sneaker or a leg of an inevitably valuable piece of furniture.

A great puppy teething toy is a toy that your pup can get way into the back of his jaw where he can gnaw, massaging his sore gums as his large molars come in. (Don’t be surprised if you find blood on toys during this time. That is normal as is truly terrible breath. Both will pass. If you have concerns, talk to your veterinarian.)

A teething toy choice popular with most dogs are edible chews. Going from thinnest to thickest, consider American sourced and made Rawhide Twisters,Bully Sticks or Rawhide Rolls. Pups usually adore these, setting down to serious chewing quickly. Some pups love them a bit too much and if yours becomes growly try a nylon bone instead (and get hands on training help, please!)

After fishing a wet rawhide chip out of the throat of a choking Cavalier years ago, I don’t use or recommend the chips. If your dog gnaws the edges, they can be okay but if he works the entire piece until it softens? That can be bad news. The gnawers can work on the stick-type items above so I see no necessity to risk using the chips. If your dog softens the sticks into wet slabs, take them away. Wrong toy for your dog. As with all toys, toss it out any time it gets small enough to swallow.

Other edible chews are “moo tubes” and Himalayan Dog Chews. Moo tubes are generally a fast chomp so give as a treat to your robust chewers and as a small project to the delicate ones. Himalayan dog chews are nearly rock hard so will last but may be too thick for a tiny toy dog to really chomp down on (though many tiny toys are huge in spirit and might enjoy the challenge).

There are many other edible chews on the market though I am admittedly leery. Some of these your puppy will eat entirely which can play havoc with potty training, upset tender tummies and generally throw things off in younger, smaller pups.

If your pup is older, potty-trained and has a sturdy tummy (you’d know by now if he didn’t) then by all means give some of these popular other edible chews a try. Report your findings here, I’d love to hear the results.

Whatever you choose, giving your puppy something he can really gnaw on helps get everyone through this stage with minimum difficulty and maximum ease.

Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.


  1. Love the recommendations. I have found an incredible increase in the number of puppies and dogs with sensitive tummies over the last 5 years. It has been a challenge finding chews that don’t put them over the edge. Can’t wait to try Himalayan Chews!

  2. My Pit-mix just LOVES antlers. Deer, elk, water buffalo, she loves them all. And they keep her entertained for a good while.

  3. Nice! Thanks!

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