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Large Dog Toys ImageYour giant breed can destroy most dog toys within minutes, or, worse, the toy simply isn’t safe for your dog. It may be swallowable or sharp when crunched up (and your dog can crunch almost anything!) Big dogs simple need durable large dog toys made with them in mind. Consider these:

Balls for Large Dogs

Balls for Big Dogs Image
Goughnut Green Ball Rubber Dog Chew Toy
Goughnut toys are guaranteed for life. Inside each toy is a red center. When (if) you ever see red, you return it for an instant replacement. This makes the higher one time price much less expensive over the life of your big dog.

Balls for Large Dogs Image
Chuckit! Large Ultra Ball 3-Inch, 1-Pack
Intensely popular balls for big dogs. Can be used alone or with the Chuckit! Sport Mega Ball Launcher, to save your arm a bit of wear-and-tear if you have a fetching fiend!

Balls for Big Dogs Image
Horse Jolly Ball 10-Inch Red
BIG fan of Jolly Balls here. Have used them with all sized dogs for decades. Yes they get punctured but that doesn’t ruin them at all. They hold up amazingly well. Dogs love to shake these by the handle. Great outdoor fun for the giants among us.

Large Dog Chew Toys

Extra Large Kong Image
Kong Blue – Xtra Large
Familiar with the Blue Kongs? These are more durable than the classic red ones but still flexible and fun to chomp. Nice edition to the kong dog toy line up and to big dog toy boxes. Kongs can be played with as is or stuff for maximum enjoyment. Enjoy! Reader Heather White chimed in on Facebook with this info: “They’re made of radiopaque rubber so they’ll show up on x-rays if pieces are ingested.” Thank you, Heather and thank you, Kong for that smart improvement. Hopefully you’ll never need that feature but, if you do, you’ll be very glad this toy has it!

Big Dog Chew Toy Image
GoGo Pet All Natural Odor Free Giant 12 Inch USA Bully Stick – JUMBO
Giant? Odor Free? USA? That’s a winner! Dogs, in general, love these. I give them out when I want some quiet time or when I want to deliver a special treat.

Big Dog Chew Toy Image
Deer Antlers Dog Chew Treats – 3 Jumbo Deer Antlers
Antlers are a big favorite with many dogs. As with all hard chew toys, some dogs will experience dental injury from chewing them. My dogs never have but I have heard of dogs who do.

Plush Toys for Big Dogs

Big Dog Toys Image
Tuffy’s T-Rex Dog Toy
Tuffy dog toys are built to hold up well to chomping and normal dog play. If your dog is a back-0f-the-jaw-gnawer then no fabric toy will last. For those dogs play with your dog then put the toy away before destruction starts. Love this T-Rex but Tuffy has plenty of other choices.

Large Dog Toys Image
Kyjen Homer the Hedgehog Plush Dog Toy – Large
This one has long been a favorite in my home. Fun for dogs to carry around and shake, put it away once your dog lies down to be canine demolition on it.

Large Dog Toys Image
KONG Wubba Friend Dog Toy, Extra Large, Assorted
These floppy ears and legs make this a very satisfying toy to shake, if you’re a dog. Easy to toss and good for tug (hold on to all the legs at once of a giant tug with disassemble this cute toy).

Hope you found some great large dog toys here for the big dog in your life. Have a favorite of your own? Share it below. I’d love to hear about it!


Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.


  1. Love the hedgehog! Our dog has a “thing” for our kids stuffed bears!

  2. Kong Wubbas are a favorite here, and have lasted through Akita play. Impressive.

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