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Magic Mushroom Dog Toy Review


Magic Mushroom Dog Toy Dangerous As a longtime fan of a few of the Busy Buddy Dog Toys, I am sad to report that their Magic Mushroom dog toy is a thumbs down. Here are my comments:

  1. Plastic is brittle. Multiple dogs attempted to chew and, with the shape of the “toy” they have to turn their heads sideways and work on it with those powerful back teeth. You can see the damage in the picture. I removed the toy instantly each time so the damage isn’t worse but this thing is brittle plastic. Shards of this material look like knives to me. Swallowable knives. That alone makes this an instant non-starter for me. No dog toy should pose obvious risk when used as a dog toy.
  2. Frustrating for some dogs. Pip, my dog with over a decade of experience using food-dispensing dog toys, found this uninspiring. When I set the food flaps open fully so it was as easy as possible, she became interested but not an easy toy. Several less savvy (and less pushy) dogs have simply got frustrated and attempted to chew it! To work, the Magic Mushroom dog toy requires the dog to be vigorous and persistent and why a toy that requires that is made out of brittle plastic is hard for me to understand.
  3. Noisy. Being hard plastic and requiring hard handling to make it work, this is one noisy dog toy!

I much prefer the soft but durable food dispensing toys such as Planet Dog Snoop and Starmarks Chew Ball. Both these toys have been darn near indestructible in my home and darn near silent. Both those things make me a happy dog lover.

When you are selecting a dog toy always imagine how your dog might use it and pick accordingly. There is little safety review of dog toys so it is up to each of us to keep our eyes open. Any toy you give your dog should be able to be safely and vigorously chewed because dogs chew. It’s what they do.

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Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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