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Review: Kyjen Invincibles Plush Snake Dog Toy


kyjen squeaky dog toy snake ImageThis Kyjen Invincibles Plush Snake Dog Toy has survived The Jaws of Squeaker Death (aka Pip) for several months now. I purchased it on a trial after reading that Kyjen claimed it squeaked even after being punctured. I harrumphed at reading that, followed closely but a “yeah, right…oh, Pip…”.

So home it came.

It has been played with. A lot. It has been left lying around the house for weeks. Button, who proves the phrase “needle-like puppy teeth”, loves it. And this is what it still looks like. And it sounds um… robust.

Basically, it is as good as new.

elephant dog squeaky toy ImageI posed it with two squeaker/crinkle toys of Button’s that I foolishly forgot to put away after puppy playtime. This is Pip’s under-a-minute handiwork. Squeaker rhinoplasty on each. Instantly. Followed closely by crinkle paper removal though that I usually hear and I rescue the nearly trunk-cated elephant before all is completely lost.

Why the Kyjen toy doesn’t stimulate that action, I do not know. Maybe because it feels entirely different in her mouth. Maybe, all these years, I’ve assumed it was sound related but maybe something else triggers her surgical inclinations.

What do you think?

All I know, for certain, is this toy has held up and it squeaks just as loudly – all three squeakers – as it did the day I brought it home. It has lived well-beyond my hopes or expectations and I expect it to be my squeaky toy of choice for Pip until someone invents are even better one. Which I cannot currently imagine.

Click here to see all of the Kyjen Invincible Squeaky Toys on Amazon. Below is the one I have here. Note: No fabric toy holds up to Rippers or Gnawers. So if you have one of those, caveat emptor. Enjoy it then tuck it away before your dog can start the great undoing. But, for the rest, I think this is probably a pretty good bet. Let me know.

Kyjen Invincibles Plush Snake Dog Toy, 3 Squeakers, Green/Black

  • EXTREME, double layered seams
  • Inner liner of DURA TUFF material
  • Keeps squeakin’ when punctured

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Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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