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One of my favorite boredom busters are good, plain sterilized bones for dogs with a bit of something yummy smeared on the inside like a dollop of peanut butter or canned dog food or cream cheese. This keeps many a dog occupied for quite a while.

WARNING: On a whim, I bought Pip a smoked knuckle bone from a large pet supply store. She loved it, she chewed it hard and … quickly broke it into large sharp shards. I was shocked and worried. She was okay but I will never give her one again nor will I sell them to you. Also, prestuffed bones are off my list as they can end up giving your dog a tummy upset. I’d rather you put things in these bones yourself so you know exactly what it is and how much your dog gets.

As with any chews, if a sterilized bone ever approaches swallowable size then throw it away. I’ve had some for years with Pip and they are not worn down at all. So, know your dog!

Note: Any hard chew can, on some dogs, cause tooth cracks and breakage. In 25+ years of dog care, I have not seen this myself but it is a common enough complaint in various reviews that I share the info here. If you are concerned, stick with the Kong toys and other edible chews.

sterilized bone image
Cadet Sterile Natural Bone for Dogs, 4 to 6-Inch, White

  • Size: 4-6 inch
  • Dog chew your dog will love
  • Ingredients: real shin bone

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Sterilized  bones for dogs Image
Cadet Sterile Natural Bone for Dogs

  • Size: 7-9 inch
  • Dog chew your dog will love
  • Ingredients: real shin bone

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What can you smear on the inside? Cream cheese, peanut butter, canned food, plain yogurt. Note the word “smear” – not pack or cram or stuff. We want to give your dog a project, not an extra meal. For ultimate ease, use KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat, 8-Ounce, Liver


Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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