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May 14, 2013
by Sarah Wilson
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Indestructible Dog Toys: Three Companies That Guarantee It!

Here are three companies that make nearly indestructible dog toys – and guarantee it! They put their money where your dog’s mouth is! No toy is truly indestructible for all dogs but these companies back their products and so earn … Continue reading

May 10, 2013
by Sarah Wilson

Softer Kong Toys for Puppies, Seniors, Rompers and Chompers

Here is the softer side of Kong toys perfect for puppies, older dogs who have lost jaw strength but not desire to chew and for Rompers and Chompers. Love this version for the Rompers because when tossed inside it is … Continue reading

May 3, 2013
by Sarah Wilson

Top Tough Kong Toys

Kong toys are generally long-lasting holding up to tough chewing – once you match the right one to your dog’s chew style. I’ve owned a few kongs for over a couple of years so they can last and last. A … Continue reading