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3 Ways to Make Dog Toys Last


Plush Dog Toys ImageYou love your dog. You love buying her toys but it frustrates you when she destroys them right away! You want your dog to have fun but let’s be real, you also need ways to make dog toys last.

Me, too.

Here are 3 ways I make dog toys last in my home:

  1. Plush toys are “play together” toys. If you leave a paper book in a toddler’s crib you’re not surprised when it is trashed. Well, it’s no more surprising when you dog trashes a stuffie. Good toy, wrong use. Like a book with a toddler, proper plush toy (rope dog toy or latex squeaky toy) use needs to be taught through playing together. If the pup starts to destroy it (or gets too excited) the toy is temporarily removed. Added benefit? Your dog will stay interested in the toy longer when it signals special play time with you!
  2. Durable toys are “play alone” toys. And again, just as with toddlers, leave durable and safe toys out when one-on-one play is not on the agenda. Encourage your pup to use them by rubbing your hands on the toys (your scent is your pup’s favorite thing in the world), smearing a tiny bit of peanut butter into it and praising your dog calmly when he is using those toys. Supporting and encouraging that focus can prevent/stop other destructive chewing habits.
  3. Provide a toy box. Top New York City dog trainer, Noelle Fischer of Smiling Dogs Training, LLC finds that providing an open toy boxsaves your possessions because dogs know where to go to get a toy when they are bored.” Now that’s an easy answer. She recommends a couple of boxes – one in each room your dog spends time in.

Investing your time in these ways to make dog toys last can keep you from having to invest a lot of money. And wouldn’t that be nice?

Now you know.

Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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