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Kong Wobbler: The King of Kongs


Button doesn’t have a food bowl. She eats out of toys; often the large Kong Wobbler seen here. Enjoy her enjoying it then read the pros and cons of this food dispensing toy below.

Kong Wobbler Review


Kong Wobbler

Big – holds 1/2 cup+ of food as designed (filling the bottom) or 1 cup+ of feed as I do it (filling the upside down top, screwing on the bottom and then flipping it over). Excellent for feeding an entire meal (or most of it).

Ease of filling – simple. As easy as a plain bowl. This is a big advantage over many other designs where you have to funnel the food into a small hole.

Clean up – simple and thorough. Unscrewed, you can hand wash every inch of it or put it into a dish washer.

Level of Challenge – depends on the dog. This toy takes quite a confident smack to roll enough to empty some food out. This toy takes longer to empty than many of the food ball toys and I like that about it.

Mobility (or Lack of Mobility) – a big plus for me is that the Wobbler doesn’t get stuck under furniture often and, if it does, it is not far under. I’ve never had to get on my hands and knees to fish one out from under the couch. It spends most of its time within a few feet of where I set it down.


Noise – If you have hardwood floors (especially for apartment dwellers) this may be too noisy for you. Hard plastic toys are always noisy.

Not Adjustable – the opening for the food to come out of is not adjustable in either size Wobbler. A Kong representative suggested using tape on the inside to make the opening smaller. This is a solution but its too bad you have to MacGyver it yourself.

Level of Challenge – For tentative dogs, this toy can be difficult. If your dog is such a dog, try a food dispensing ball instead. After having success with one of those, a Wobbler might be just the thing.

My overall opinion having used one of these for several years now is that they are well made, long lasting, sturdy toys that keep many dogs entertained for a long time.

What is your opinion?

Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.


  1. We have two of these, large and small, and Border Terrier Wyatt and big Boston mix Libby get their meals out of them. Ginger, my little old Havanese/Shih Tzu eats her food from a bowl, but then demands a token feeding from one of the Kongs.

    Wyatt pins the thing down horizontally and rolls it, while Ginger is a bear-paw basher. Libby has had ACL surgery but just as happy to live life on 3 legs (it’s just faster to get around that way!) The Kong wobbler is part of her therapy; anything that shifts her balance and slows her down puts her back on the repaired leg.

    Silky Terrier Golly likes to watch, and steal food if she can. It would probably take a mouse getting in there to make her try to work the toy…

    • That is interesting and makes so much sense about the Wobbler as part of Libby’s therapy. Thank you for sharing your three dog’s different approaches and that important nugget of info.

  2. These are great to keep the dog busy while you can go about your chores around the house. We bought our puppy one and used it but it was too big so it sat doing nothing for months until she got bigger. She loves it now and will go mental trying to empty the treats from it.

  3. I have the large wobbler for my 7 year old kelpie lab x. She loves it! For some reason would not eat her dry food from her normal bowl but will gladly play and eat from the wobbler. Keeps her entertained!

    • Glad it’s working for you. I’m listening/watching a dog have breakfast from mine right now. Happy sound. And it holds up well. A few scratches but no other damage.

      Thanks for weighing in!


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